Arch Access Control

Our Story

Arch Access Control is a non-traditional company with a non-traditional founder, Martin Shepherd. Martin’s audacious goal for Arch is to eradicate the fear of loss associated with security breach.


As a practicing lawyer and corporate executive, Martin discovered that security teams are often bifurcated and without the resources to drive continuity across an entire organization. 


In response to that discovery, Martin crafted a strategy to identify and address a broad spectrum of security risks. 


First, he assembled a team of software developers, engineers, consultants, project managers, and security analysts.  


Next, they built curated bundles of IT security tools that are easy to implement, easy to understand, and affordable for smaller companies. 


Then, the Arch Team aligned the capabilities of those tools to the controls and practices of the most prevalent cybersecurity frameworks and insurance underwriting standards.

Stephen Deal
Vice President of Sales
Albert McBride
Vice President of Cyber Security Operations
Nick Fulks
Manager of Cybersecurity Governance, Compliance, & Privacy
Jeremiah Booker
Vendor & Client IntegrationWeb Developer/Design

Arch is making it easier for companies to implement the IT security they need but Martin and the Arch Team want more! Martin completed a GAN cyber tech accelerator program called the Tampa Bay Wave. That program, and the relationships stemming from it, helped Martin envision and refine the plan for Arch Access Control: a sole-source integration platform for provisioning, reporting, and configuring all IT security tools. Security tailored to a company’s specific needs and compliance demands.


Arch Access Control